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Pastels Catering

From the Simple to the Simply Elegant

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Everyone is different.  Some clients prefer to have their events at their home.  They are happiest there, and their home reflects their style.  Comfort is key.  Pastels can come to you and enhance what you already envision.  We will work with you to meet your needs and expectations.  And go beyond.

Others don't have the space or don't want the hassle - and prefer to invite their guests to a venue that is away from home, but that still reflects their individuality.  Either way, you don't have to settle for a cookie cutter event.  We feel that it should reflect your personality, and we will work with you - from the menu choices, to the set up and presentation, the service, the clean up and everything in between - to ensure your event is a success.

Here we offer some of those preferred off-site venues.  (Preferred - as in we have worked with them and can count on their professionalism.)

Hill-Stead Museum:  With options for the West Lawn and Veranda, Grass Court, Pope Board Room, Sunken Garden and Makeshift Theater, this venue has it all - including site tours for your guests. 

Lost Acres Vineyard.  The setting is beyond words.  Rows upon rows of grapes out in the middle of no where.  Natural beauty at its best.  They offer inside and out areas for guests as well as offer their own wines.  A wonderful location for your next event

Rosedale Farms:  Located in Simsbury, CT., Rosedale Farms has a one-of-a-kind beautiful venue, right in the middle of an open field of grape vines.  They include in their rental a large tent, plus offer fresh produce, flowers, their signature wines and bon fire set ups.  Truly a spectacular venue.

Wickham Park, Manchester, CT:  With over 250 cres of gardens, spectacular views and open woodlands, Wickham Park has an awesome event location.  Weddings, Corporate Events and more would delight from all they have to offer.

The Stanley-Whitman House Farmington, CT. A unique historical venue.  Located just off Route 4 in Farmington.

The Webb-Deane Stevens Barn,Wethersfield, CT.  An historic barn with century old gardens.  Another great option for your next event.

This is just a sampling - please contact us if you are looking for something above, beyond or "in between".  We look forward to hearing from you.